Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Katie Scott - BAIL301

Katie Scott

Image result for katie scott evolution

Image result for katie scott evolution

Scott's illustrations (above) instantly inspired me as they were linked to the same subject matter as my current project: evolution. These images were taken from her book, 'The Story of Life: Evolution', which shows the progression and development of life in animals and plants. The element which I particularly love is her composure and use tonal hues which nod to the age of the story. 

Scott's inspiration comes from Ernst Haeckel, Fritz Kahn, Albertus Seba and Makoto Azuma, which are all linked "through their celebration of detail and elaboration of form".

Another thing that I love about Katie Scott is her belief that, "there are things that illustration and artwork can do in representing the physical world that I don't think photographs can". This is particularly fitting seeing as I am taking on the challenge of re-designing a book cover that has only ever been represented through the medium of photography. There is something that I can bring as an illustrator to portray the book in a different light that hasn't been tried before. 

Upon looking at her online portfolio I discovered that she had examples of her illustrations being applied to different applications, such as clothing and wallpaper:

Image result for katie scott h&mImage result for katie scott house of hackney
^ Collaboration with H&M (left) and House of Hackney (right)

This was really exciting to see, as it demonstrates the avenues that illustration can take you. I would love to see my designs being used in similar ways in the future, and to have opportunities to work with big companies like Scott has. I would definitely like to look further into Katie Scott's practice, maybe for my Professional Practice module later on this year, as I feel like we share many of the same values.


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