Saturday, 22 December 2018

William Collins - BAIL301

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I've decided to further my industry research and look into the publisher William Collins as its the publisher of the book that I'm designing: Life on Earth.

William Collins was founded in 1819 and merged with Harper & Row in 1990; forming HarperCollins publishing. In 2013 it was announced that William Collins would become its own imprint of HarperPress, publishing a range of non-fiction books, including names of Brian Cox and David Attenborough; focusing on subjects of science, history, art, politics, natural history, religion and current affairs. 

I tried to find some inspirational book covers published by William Collins that could possibly inspire my book design development. However, like the majority of the non-fiction book market, the covers are very factual, photographic and generally plain. Below are the only two covers I particularly liked:

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I hope that my book cover design can offer something new to the non-fiction book world, creating a cover that is more visually compelling and aesthetically pleasing.