Thursday, 15 November 2018

Reflection on Previous Designs - BAIL301

As I'm designing another book cover, I felt like it was important to reflect upon my past experiences with book design, in order to learn and progress further.

Year 1 - Fiction - More Than This (Patrick Ness) - BAIL103

Actions and Advice from tutors:
"Continue being creatively curious as you have been in this module. It is great to see exploration taking place beyond the remit of the workshops, and some really smart ideas being satisfyingly formed within your final piece.
Reflect upon what has worked in this project, and see how hit might continue to apply to future work."

Year 2 - Fiction - Noughts & Crosses (Malorie Blackman) - BAIL203

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Actions and Advice from tutors: 
"Giving yourself some more time for varied thumbnails will help even more moving forward."

Feedback from Penguin Random House Art Director, Anna Billson (before making final amendments):
"Push your design that bit further. Reconsider every aspect of it. Do all the elements work together cohesively with the right balance? Refine your cover with attention to detail to ensure that your design really stands out from the crowd and is totally focussed on the consumer and the target market. Does your design instantly attract? Would the potential reader pick it up, turn it over, read all the blurb, take it to the till and part with £7.99 for it? Does your design make the leap from an ordinary book to a special one? And finally, does it showcase that you have a high level of skill in layout design and typography?"

Year 3 - Non-Fiction - Life on Earth (David Attenborough)

Although this project provides a different challenge in the sense of it being non-fiction, (rather than fiction like my previous two), the process of development and role of the design, remains the same. I feel like it is worthwhile to reflect on both of these past experiences in order to make my next book cover design as successful, if not even more. 

Moving forward, I need to be experimental with my ideas and to thumbnail excessively. When it comes to refining my designs, I need to question every element, and to make sure that every decision has a purpose or meaning behind it.

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